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K.S. TERMINALS is a leading Copper terminals and Ring terminals manufacturer specialized in Copper terminals, Flag terminals, Solderless terminals, Ring terminals, Pin terminals, Spade terminals, Butt connector, Electrical Terminals, Ferule manufacturer, Cord end, Wire nut, and ATC fuse Mini fuse. All KST members have continued with their biggest efforts since many many years, expecting to make KST to be an internationalized company. Facing the information explosion time, strong and big enterprises stand everywhere world wide, acquisition, merging, and strategic alliance is so popular in nowadays, if makes the bigger biggest and stronger strongest .Only to continuously improve company's constitution, raise up managing efficiency quickly and effectively; furthermore to strengthen R&D capability to meet customer's requirements, make all customers to treat KST as their own virtual factory; fully, completely, quickly providing customers speedy service in all phases. Let KST become the terminal manufacturing center of the world, accomplish the final goal of "Running enterprise Forever"!!

Butt connector, Electrical Terminals, Ferule manufacturer, Cord end, Wire nut, ATC fuse,  Mini fuse

To meet and greet 21st century, coming to an epoch of optical communication, KST has devoted into R&D and manufacturing precision ceramic, semiconductor, optical communication connector and the related components. Presently, KST has controlled the precision processing technique of 3C Titanium thin wall products, tooling design and manufacturing capability, expected to become an international level professional manufacture. Please send us your inquiry today regarding our Copper terminals, Ring terminals, Flag terminals, and other products.

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